Cyrine Marmech, et al. Giant cavernous hemangioma in an adults leg mimicking a melanoma
Chaymae Jroundi, et al. Clinical, dermoscopic and histopathological description of hyperkeratotic porokeratosis of Mibelli
Abdullah Mancy, et al. Eruptive pseudoangiomatosis: An epidemiological and clinical study
Najoua Ammar, et al. Extranasal T/NK lymphoma with a fatal outcome: A case report
Mai Endo, et al. Palmoplantar and plaque psoriasis developed during pembrolizumab therapy in a patient with lung cancer

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Pustular psoriasis responding to Probiotics – a new insight
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A clinical study of geriatric dermatoses    
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Current Selected Articles

Original Article

A study on the quality of life of patients with leprosy: A cross-sectional study

Kavana Krishna Nayak, Namratha Cholenahalli Manjunath

Conclusion: Leprosy is an ancient disease and continues to be the most feared due to deformities and the social stigma associated with it. The clinical spectrum, reactions, deformities, and disability have a profound impact on the QoL of patients with leprosy.

Original Article

Light-emitting diode therapy for the management of radiodermatitis

Asmaa El Kissouni, Meryem Charkaoui, Yasmina Berrada, Nadia Benchakroun, Souha Sahraoui, Hanane Rachadi, Soumiya Chiheb, Fouzia Hali

Conclusion:LED therapy may be an effective therapeutic option in the management of ARD, yet studies with a larger sample are necessary.

Original Article

Atopic dermatitis: Epidemiological and clinical aspects and the associated factors in Yaoundé, Cameroon

Indira Diana Bosso Bosso Ebeng, Grace Anita Nkoro, Dahlia Noelle Tounouga, Félicité Djuikwo Teukeng, Arnaud Ndi Manga, Odette Berline Sigha, Rose Kotto, Defo Defo, Martine Nida, Emmanuel Armand Kouotou

Conclusion: Atopic dermatitis is more common in children and is strongly related to socio-demographic factors.

Original Article

Bangaru Bhavani Pujitha, Rida Joweriya, Birudala Ramadevi, Thambisetti Naresh Babu, Kuna Ramadas

Conclusion: A majority of the neonatal dermatoses were transient physiological, requiring only reassurance and no medical treatment; however proper understanding and identifying the pathological conditions are critical for early diagnosis and intervention.

Original Article

The burden of xeroderma pigmentosum in two families followed at the Department of Dermatology and Venereology of the National Hospital in Niamey, Niger

Laouali Salissou, Muriel Sidnoma Ouédraogo, Aissa Ango, Adam Nouhou Diori, Issaka Hamani, Idrissa Boubacar, Maimouna Oueodraogo Mamadou, Mamane Sani Laouali Idi, Moussa Doulla, Hassan Nouhou, Nina Korsaga/Somé, Fatou Barro/Traore, Niamba Pascal, Adama Traore

Conclusion: Prevention through the reduction of new cases by genetic counseling and antenatal diagnosis in families at risk is necessary.

Original Article

Clinical and dermatoscopic correlation in facial melanosis: A cross-sectional study at a tertiary hospital

Vijeta Prasad, Alpana Mohta, Rajesh Dutt Mehta, Bhikamchand Ghiya, Prasoon Soni, Sumiti Pareek

Conclusion: This study highlights the clinical and dermatoscopic features of facial melanosis. Further research is required in this field of dermatoscopic evaluation of facial melanosis to define more accurate diagnostic features as a facial biopsy is mostly refused by the patients, yet meanwhile, clinical evaluation should not be neglected.

Abla Sefako Akakpo, Julie Carole Zoua, Julienne Noudé Téclessou, Panawé Kassang, Piham Gnossike, Abas Mouhari-Touré, Koussake Kombaté, Bayaki Saka, Palokinam Pitché

Conclusion: This study showed a low hospital based prevalence of onychomycosis with a predominance of Candida albicans complex in the hands and Trichophyton rubrum in the feet.

Ahmad Al Aboud, Mohammad Hakim, Ibrahim Alehibi, Homaid Alotaibi, Farees Al Saadi, Yusra Bindogji, Latifah Algithami, Saafa Alabsi, Abdulmajid Algithami, Fahad Algithami, Foud Algithami, Hussain Khobrani, Ayman Alkhatabi, Aydhah Alhesaini, Sami Al Mehmadi, Waleed Alqurashi, Adnan Khairallah, Khalid Al Aboud

Conclusion: Lymphangiomatosis is a condition marked by the presence of cysts that result from an increase both in the size and number of thin-walled lymphatic channels that are abnormally interconnected and dilated. It can affect skin and other organs in the body. Genital lymphangiomatosis may arise from primary or secondary lymphatic abnormalities.It affects both sexes, and frequently misdiagnosed as genital warts. In this concise report, we present an adult male with diffuse penoscrotal lymphangiomatosis associated with a peculiar penile deformity, known as “Saxophone penis”.

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