Funda Tamer, et al. The spectacular presentation of orf disease
Hubert Daisley Jr, et al. Acute HTLV-1 leukemia/ lymphoma in a 33 year old grenadian migrant. A case report
Uday Kumar Sonnappa, et al. Case report on xeroderma pigmentosum with squamous cell carcinoma in a ten year old child
Charlotte M. Smith, et al. Eruptive porokeratosis in an 80-year-old immunocompetent man
Bartos Fig 2
Vladimír Bartoš, et al. Pilomatrical carcinoma ? a case report and review of the literature


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Original Article

Marwa Chourabi, Dorra H’mida-Ben Brahim, Carine Bonnard, Amina Aounallah, Alvin Yu Ng, Sumanty Tohari, Byrappa Venkatesh, Ali Saad, Lobna Boussofara, Bruno Reversade, Mohamed Denguezli

Conclusion: We report here a novel nonsense heterozygous mutation in ATP2C1 gene in 5 patients with HHD. Interestingly, one woman carries the nonsense ATP2C1 mutation but displays a mild phenotype of HHD. This could indicate a variation in pattern and expressivity between male and female developing HHD phenotype which should be considered when providing genetic counselling to family members carrying such mutations.

Original Article

Thierno Mamadou Tounkara, Houleymatou Baldé, Mohamed Maciré Soumah, M'mah Bangoura, Boh Fanta Diané, Moussa Keita, Mamadou Djouldé Kanté, Fodé Amara Traoré, Fodé Bangaly Sako, Mariam Touré, Alhussein Doumbouya, Mohamed Cisse

Conclusion: Our study confirms the rarity of severe CADRs in children. The importance of the sulfadoxine-pyrimethamine in the occurrence of severe CADRs in children is the particularity of our series.

Case Report

Guneet Awal, Tanreet Kaur

Authors report this case because of its multidermatomal involvement, strictly unilaterally distributed lesions with progressive pubertal enlargement showing characteristic features of NC on dermoscopy, thereby helping to differentiate it from other diseases with similar clinical presentation.

Case Report

Hubert Daisley jr., Stacey Trim, Alicia R. Daisley

Authors present a 30 year old female with implantation endometriosis in a Pfannenstiel abdominal scar and to review the diagnostic facilities available and highlight the premalignant potential of endometriosis.

Letter to the Editor

Giuseppe Famularo, Alessandro Stasolla

In conclusion, surgery alone or combined with chemotherapy and/or radiation is the mainstay of treatment of patients with cutaneous metastases from lung cancer. However, most of them have end-stage disease with a poor outcome and high rates of short-term mortality.

Letter to the Editor

Shoug Algoblan, Mohammed G. Turkumani, Saad Altalhab

Treatment of subungual hematoma with 2940 nm Er: YAG laser to drain the collected blood beneath the nail plate is an excellent tool. It is an easy, simple, safe, and painless procedure done in the clinic. Pain relief and improvement in the color is resulted immediately. The cases that respond better should be within few days after nail trauma. We encourage considering this modality for treatment of subungual hematoma.

Piotr Brzeziński, Lorenzo Martini

Aims of our research is to demonstrate that by the same way women who have high testosterone levels show always an elevate sex drive,  women who indeed   have a high sex drive (often because they cannot have regular sexual intercourses with men or are forced to live and work in competitive fields, as Army or prisons or monasteries) have always high testosterone levels.
Excess of testosterone in woman (more than 0.8ng/ml) may lead to cystic acne and our purpose is to treat cystic acne in this type of women, endowed by elevated serum testosterone levels.

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