Corazón Barrientos-Flores, et al. Cutaneous verrucose phaeohyphomycosis due to Exophiala oligosperma in an immunocompetent host
Eleni Klimi, et al. Giant condyloma acuminata
Jorge González-Torres, et al. Merkel cell carcinoma: A rare sarcoma
Imane Kacimi Alaoui, et al. Persistent purple erythematous rash: Langerhans cell histiocytosis
Chaymae Jroundi, et al. Punch grafting for a recalcitrant, venous leg ulcer

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Pustular psoriasis responding to Probiotics – a new insight
Metikurke Vijayashankar, et al
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Leena Raveendra
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Sundaramoorthy M. Srinivasan.
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Yugandar Inakanti. et al.
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Current Selected Articles

Original Article

Conclusion: The elderflower hair mask, formulated with a meticulous selection of ingredients, offers a comprehensive solution for nourishing and revitalizing hair ends. Through its application and the integration of synergistic ingredients, the mask provides a revitalizing experience that contributes to healthier and more vibrant hair ends. This study underscores the importance of thoughtful ingredient choices in formulating effective hair care products.

Original Article

Cutaneous tuberculosis: A series of 10 cases collected at the Dermatology-Venereology Department of the Treichville University Hospital Center

Georgies Steve Tameu Tchomdom, Koffi Kouame Pacôme Gbandama, Ulrich Nguena Feungue, Kouadio Célestin Ahogo

Conclusion: Cutaneous tuberculosis in Abidjan is dominated by multibacillary forms, namely gums and scrofuloderma such as other series in the West African subregion. The negativity of HIV serology in all our patients raises the question of the link between cutaneous tuberculosis and HIV as well as the favoring factors of cutaneous tuberculosis in our context.

Original Article

Characterization of isolated and integrated clinical and dermoscopic features of topical steroid-dependent/damaged face: A study from central India

Sanskriti Chauhan, Rochit Singhal, Vivek Choudhary, Shyam G Rathoriya

Conclusion: Topical corticosteroids are commonly abused drugs seen in modern clinical practice, resulting in a plethora of symptoms and creating a paramount dermatological concern. Dermoscopy plays a cardinal evaluating role in the early discernment and establishment of TSDF besides determining the gravity of damage.

Orief Report

Chronic leg ulcers in Senegal: Epidemiological and etiological study on 154 cases

Saër Diadie, Moussa Diallo, Patrick Mendy, Ibrahima Diokhané, Mamadou Sarr, Niar Ndour, Boubacar Ahy Diatta, Mame Thierno Dieng, Suzanne Oumou Niang

Conclusion: In Senegal, LCUs are predominantly observed in young males. Causes are dominated by venous insufficiency, followed by infection.

Brief Report

Exploring medical students’ perceptions of dermatology and dermatologists

Hanna Cisoń, Paulina Kostrzewska, Natalia Dżugaj, Piotr Krajewski, Rafał Białynicki-Birula, Alina Konsur-Jankowska

Conclusion: There is a pressing need for advocacy and awareness campaigns to showcase the depth and complexity of dermatology as a medical field.

Case Report

Keratitis–ichthyosis–deafness (KID) syndrome in an adult in sub-Saharan Africa

Koffi Kouamé Pacôme Gbandama, James Hyacinthe Nanko, Hamdan Sarah Kourouma, Ange-Sylvain Allou, Kaunan Leslie Wilfried Gbonangbo Amani, Ulrich Nguena Feungue, Yao Isidore Kouassi, Yvette Okobe, Kouadio Célestin Ahogo, Mamadou Kaloga, Abdoulaye Sangaré

Conclusion: KID syndrome remains a rare entity. We have reported the first case of KID syndrome in Ivory Coast. It is necessary to go beyond ichthyosis. Auditory neurosensory deficits and ocular involvement should be considered KID syndrome in our working context. A multidisciplinary collaboration would allow to enrich the semiology of the associated disorders. The difficulties in conducting genetic and molecular analyses in developing countries such as ours are an obstacle to confirming the autosomal transmission of this syndrome.

Sarah Hamdan Kourouma, Koffi Kouamé Pacôme Gbandama, Yao Isidore Kouassi, Ange-Sylvain Allou, Kaunan Leslie-Wilfried Gbonangbo Amani, Kouamé Alexandre Kouassi, Kanga Kouamé, Mamadou Kaloga, Kouadio célestin Ahogo, Elidjé Joseph Ecra, Ildevert Patrice Gbery, Abdoulaye Sangaré

Conclusion: The association of MS and HIV infection is rare. Their etiologies are dominated by psoriasis in Abidjan. A well-conducted interrogation to determine the chronology of events, assisted by biological examinations, allows the circumstance of occurrence to be identified.

Lorenzo Martini

Conclusion: Nowaday a new fashion exploded in US and other European countries: self pleasure in women (young or less young) guarantees a visco-elastic property to skin, and glamour and glow to the external appearance. This costume is spread through the brilliant world of actresses and movie stars, but more and more girls are trying to appropriate this attitude in order to attempt to remain always young and fashionable. The A recruited two women (the former elder and the latter younger) and prayed them to watch at porn magazins for two hours in one day and have self-plasure laying down on a couch calmly and serenely, and had the way to measure the visco-elasticity before and after the “amusement” by a Cutometer.

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