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Cement burn
Natsuko Matsumura, et al. Cement burn
Skin reaction to bed bugs bite reflecting erythema multiforme. Case report
Michał Andres, et al. Skin reaction to bed bugs bite reflecting erythema multiforme. Case report
Edoardo Torres-Guerrero, et al. Kerion Celsi: A report of two cases due to Microsporum gypseum and Trichophyton tonsurans
Seray Külcü Çakmak, et al. A generalized case of purpura annularis telangiectoides of Majocchi
Müzeyyen Gönül, et al. A case of inverse psoriasis with interdigital involvement


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Original Article

Dusi Ratna Harika, Anaparthy Usharani

Conclusions: Onychomycosis is a frequent cause of nail infection. The mycological study and the identification ofetiological agents of onychomycosis are needed to confirm the clinical diagnosis and for the choice of therapy.

Original Article

C. Abhinav, Vikram K Mahajan, Karaninder S. Mehta, Pushpinder S. Chauhan, Mrinal Gupta, Ritu Rawat

Conclusion: Isotretinoin may be an option for alternative therapy in patients who cannot afford acetretin, are intolerant to methotrexate, have achieved its cumulative dose, or in rotational therapy.

Brief Report

Shivanand Gundalli, Rutuja Kolekar, Amit Kolekar, Vikrant Nandurkar, Kaveri Pai, Sunita Nandurkar

Conclusion: In the present study majority (85%) of the lesions of BCC were located on head and neck region, average age of cases of basal cell carcinoma was 65.6 years, and solid type of BCC was most common type.

Case Report

Celeste Valiente Rebull, Tatiana Moreno, Lizza Salgueiro, Gladys Arguello, Valdovinos Gloria, Beatriz Di Martino Ortiz, Oilda Knopfelmacher, Mirtha Rodríguez Masi, Lourdes Bolla de Lezcano

Conclusions: En conclusión, aunque el síndrome de Wells es una entidad que no se observa todos los días, debe tenerse en cuenta, sobre todo en pacientes que recurren al servicio con lesiones pruriginosas recurrentes. Presentamos el caso debido a la poca frecuencia de esta patología, destacando que a través de la biopsia se pudo llegar al diagnóstico final, debido a que clínicamente planteó numerosos diagnósticos diferenciales.

Historical Article

Nadeem Toodayan

Professor Jean Alfred Fournier (1832-1914).


Historical Article

Piotr Brzeziński, Jana Zímová, Ewelina Cywinska, Anca Chiriac

Quinquaud’s calp sign

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