Figure 3
Francisco Gil, et al. Seborrheic keratoses and concomitant malignant tumors: the controversy
Bartos Fig 4
Vladimír Bartoš. Desmoid-type fibromatosis arising in the inguinal region in a young woman: a case report from a histopathological perspective
Figure 4
Aaqib Aslam, et al. A rare diagnosis of idiopathic eruptive macular pigmentation with dermoscopy. A case report
Figure 2
Nadia Baali, et al. Chronic leg ulcer: a complication of sickle cell disease not to be ignored
Uwe Wollina, et al. Deep skin and soft tissue infection of the neck ? first sign of unrecognized diabetes mellitus


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Current Selected Articles

Original Article

Hanane Bay Bay, Mariam Atassi, Aicha Alaoui, Samira Elfakir, Widade Kojmane, Samir Atmani, Mostapha Hida, Fatima Zahra Mernissi

Conclusion: The study proves the safety and efficacity of propranolol as a treatment of IH. Excellent response was very much correlated with age, clinical form of IH, and the duration of treatment.

Original Article

Bijo Elsy, Aijaz Ahmed Khan

Conclusion: In certain conditions and procedures, such as hair disorders, hair transplantation, and follicular drug delivery, where detailed histology of the pilosebaceous unit is required, the present study wherein many special stains were used could prove very useful for quick and easy identification of different types of cells and fibres associated with the pilosebaceous unit.

Brief Report

Sara Gonçalves

Conclusion: Treatments consisting in measuring reduction help in reducing body measurements, but following a good diet and practicing exercise are also required.

Case Report

Ana Maria Abreu-Velez, Bruce R Smoller, Michael S. Howard

Conclusion: This case of Sweet syndrome, the vessels markers are strongly expressed, altered in their shape and that ezrin is co-localized. This protein may play a significant role in the neutrophil migration. Further studies are needed.

Clinical Image

James Ralph, Louise Lane, Gregg Murray, Siona Ní Raghallaigh

A 83-year-old man presented with a four month history of multiple, hard subcutaneous nodules on a background of fatigue and weight loss.

Letter to the Editor

Yasunobu Kato, Toshiyuki Yamamoto

Conclusion: Although this patient developed a mild infection, HTLV-1 positivity may be relevant to the induction of erysipelas. Caution may, thus, be necessary in the administration of biologics in patients with HTLV-1.

Wafaa Bahtaoui, Fatima Zahra El Fetoiki, Fouzia Hali, Maha Soussi-Abdellaoui, Soumiya Chiheb

Conclusion: The study highlights the multifactorial nature of plantar dysidrosis. Intertrigo inter toe, the presence of onychomycosis, and unilateral localization are factors significantly associated with fungal plantar dysidrosis

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