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Tasleem Arif. Holter induced contact dermatitis
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Kanthilatha Pai, et al. Acrodermatitis Enteropathica in an adult: a case report 2
Sanjay N. Agrawal, et al. Addison?s Disease: A rare case report
Figure 2
Dibakar Podder, et al. Soft tissue chondroma: a rare tumor presenting as a cutaneous nodule
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Salsabil Attafi Sehli, et al. Adventitious discovery of elastofibroma dorsi on skin biopsy


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Original Article

Yugandar Inakanti, Venkata Narsimha Rao Thimmasarthi, Anupama, Shiva Kumar, Akshaya Nagaraj, Srilakshmi Peddireddy, Abhiram Rayapati

Conclusions: Topical Corticosteroid should not be used on the face unless it is under strict dermatological supervision.

Original Article

Virendra V. Saoji, Subodh D. Jane

Conclusion: The calcipotriol and mometasone furoate ointment were found to be equally effective in clearance of the disease.

Original Article

Emina Kasumagic-Halilovic, Nermina Ovcina-Kurtovic, Hana Helppikangas

Conclusion: This study shows a significant association between vitiligo and thyroid autoimmunity, and that tests to detect anti-Tg are relevant in patients with vitiligo.

Brief Report

Laouali Salissou, Eric Adehossi, Sani Maman Laouali, Saidou Mamadou, Hassan Nouhou

Conclusions: Cutaneous tuberculosis is still a common infection in third world countries where it affects both sexes. The scrofuloderma is the most observed form in our study. A TB test-based treatment is often a good solution in the face of an array of clinical and epidemiological evidence. Systematic vaccination after birth would drastically reduce all forms of tuberculosis.

Brief Report

Iqbal A. Bukhari, Osama Al Sultan, Abdulaziz Al Zahrani, Huda Alsuwaylih, Doaa Al Najim, Alla Altammar

Conclusions: Hematology patients suffered from variable dermatological disorders which suggest the importance of the initial dermatology consultation for those patients as part of their management plan.

Letter to the Editor

Salsabil Attafi Sehli, Mariem Bel Haj Salah, Olfa Khayat, Ines Smichi, Aschraf Chadli Debbiche

In front of a patient with a pedunculated cutaneous mass, schwannoma must be evocated and this unusual clinical feature of this tumor must be included into cutaneous schwannoma‘s appearances to avoid misdiagnosis.

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