Tricomicosis axilar Fig 6x
Patricia Chang, et al. Trichomycosis axillaris
Subrata Malakar, et al. Dermoscopic surprises in a series of 6 cases
Kwon Osung, et al. Glabella: A susceptible area to tissue necrosis upon injection of hyaluronic acid filler
Patricia Chang, et al. Piloleiomiomas multiples
Rafael Corredor-Osorio. Preauricular full-thickness skin grafting in medial canthal reconstruction


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Original Article

Moussa Doulla, Harouna Bako, Laouali Salissou, Maimouna M Ouédraogo, Ide Hassane, Mariama Abdoulaye, Hassan Moumouni

Conclusion: Several therapies still show their limit. Due to the often serious side effects with corticosteroids, treatment based on betablockers can be a way of the future, given the satisfaction of results and the good tolerance to these molecules.

Original Article

Nicolina Smith, Margaret Finn, Larry Segars, Erin Burns, Johanna Peterson, Angela Sutton, Kaitlin Vogt, Molly Menser

Conclusion: The general population is in need of dermatologic education on the basic risk factors of skin cancer as well as ways to prevent skin cancer. As education increases in the general population one would anticipate that these individuals would engage in safe sun practices as seen in the medical student community.

Case Report

Flora López-López, Santiago Ponce, Guillermo De Velasco

Authors think that the importance of this case is to be aware that despite the long time in use of certain antitumor drugs, there may always be toxicity not previously described that depends on the idiosyncrasy of each patient. In addition to the importance of an adequate differential diagnosis with specific tests (such as biopsy) that may help to guide the diagnosis.

Case Report

Uwe Wollina, Gesina Hansel, Jacqueline Schönlebe

Authors report on a 19-year-olf female patient who presented with oculo-cutaneous ulcerations and lymphadenopathy, fever and general malaise. Detailed medical history, contact to infected pet rats, histopathology, and course confirmed the diagnosis of human cowpox. Human cowpox is rare but seems to be an emerging disease transmitted in most cases by pets to humans. There is yet no specific treatment available.

Case Report

Ana Maria Abreu Velez, Gabrielle M. Sabini, Michael S. Howard

In conclusion, our case of early psoriasis shows expression of IgD, RIBO and COX-2. Larger studies are needed to confirm any pathologic association between psoriasis and these molecules.

Letter to the Editor

Nobuyuki Kikuchi, Takako Miura, Toshiyuki Yamamoto

…Many studies have suggested a predominant Th2-type immunity during pregnancy. Thus, pregnancy-induced immune conditions may inhibit a Th1-shifted imbalance, which may generally lead to remission in BD. On the other hand, tumor necrosis factor- α (TNF-α) increases with pregnancy development, which may contribute to the amelioration of BD. Furthermore, interleukin-10 (IL-10) production decreases in the third trimesters of pregnancy, resulting in an increase in the concentrations of inflammatory cytokines. Taken together, the effects of pregnancy on the activity of BD are various, and differ depending on each individual case.

Katarzyna Borowska, Małgorzata Stępień

The aim of this study was to prove how ethanol induces apoptotic process in cheek mucosae cells in rats. Fifteen male Wistar rats were used in the research. They were divided into two treated groups (group A and group Abis) and control group. The biggest histological changes of cheek mucosae was observed in group with ethanol four weeks after last consumption. There is no indication of ability to regeneration in short time after treatment. The most marked was expression of caspase 8 in group A bis. In caspase 9 expression  group A was more visible. 

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