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Patricia Chang, et al. Chromoblastomycosis
Figure 1_impetigo1
Rafael Corredor-Osorio, et al. Eyelid nonbullous impetigo
Patricia Chang, et al. Malignidades mucocutáneas en pacientes con sida. Reporte de 32 casos
Figure 2
Katarzyna Borowska, et al. A rare case of solitary trichoepithelioma treated with carbon dioxide laser
Enrique Uraga, et al. Circumscribed palmar hypokeratosis: Report of 2 new Ecuadorian cases, dermatoscopic description and brief literature review


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Original Article

Wojciech Bienias, Andrzej Kaszuba

Conclusions: The results will enrich the existing knowledge about the harmful conduct of psoriasis and a better approach to the patient.

Original Article

Ramu Shapur Srihari, Appaji Mandya Naveen, Harinatha Sreekar

Conclusion: Limberg flap is very effective for pilonidal disease with comparatively fewer complication, short hospitalization, lesser rates of reoccurrence, early healing and lesser time off-work. The technique can be mastered easily and provides an effective procedure for primary as well as recurrent disease. The results of this study support the wide excision and Limberg flap rotation as a preferred treatment of the disease.

Original Article

Patricia Chang, Lourdes Machuca

Conclusion: Mucocutaneous malignancies may occur in AIDS patients as the first manifestation of the disease, or during the evolution of the same. Therefore, it is crucial to learn about the different clinical aspects of these malignancies so an early diagnosis can be made and hence timely treatment can be provided.

Case Report

Shivakumar Patil, Supraja Chinthala, Snehal Lunge

Abstract: Primary systemic amyloidosis is a rare condition. We report two cases of primary systemic amyloidosis. Both the cases were without any hematological abnormality. Cutaneous features were the predominant presenting symptoms in these patients. The patients presented with typical waxy lesions on face and macroglossia. Diagnosis was confirmed by histopathology with haematoxylin and eosin staining and Congo red staining.


Case Report

Aboubacar H. Bambara , Amina N Ouedraogo, Nina A Ouedraogo Nde, Vincent B Ili, Jérôme Sanou, Achach Thouraya Chtioui, Tarticus Konsem

Abstract: Dermatofibrosarcoma protuberans (DFS) is a rare malignant skin tumor, characterized by local aggressiveness, significant potential for recurrence and a low risk of distant metastasis. The location under the eyes, not yet reported in the literature may involve the functional and aesthetic prognosis. We report a case.


Case Report

Balachandra S Ankad, Vijay Dombale, Lakkireddy Sujana

Conclusion: Dermoscopy is gradually acquiring its importance as a diagnostic aide in clinical diagnosis in recent past. CRP demonstrates specific dermoscopic patterns which correlate well with histopathologic changes. Hence, authors propose that these patterns would aide in the diagnosis of CRP and recommend usage of dermoscopy in every day practice. Since, these observation were based on single case report, further studies of CRP involving large sample size are suggested.

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