Panchatsharam Adithyan, et al. Case series of a varied spectrum of drug reactions
Patricia Elizabeth Chang Way, et al. Onychopapilloma: Report of two cases
Olivo Emmanuel Vilchis-Flores, et al. Pagetoid reticulosis Woringer–Kolopp type: A report of two cases at a third-level center
Misaki Kusano, et al. Peculiar cutaneous manifestation in a Japanese patient with COVID-19 infection
Andrés Tirado-Sánchez, et al. Recurrent pityriasis versicolor: A short review of clinical features and antifungal and non-antifungal treatment options

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Pustular psoriasis responding to Probiotics – a new insight
Metikurke Vijayashankar, et al
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Leena Raveendra
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Sundaramoorthy M. Srinivasan.
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Current Selected Articles

Original Article

Impact of the COVID-19 pandemic on monitoring people living with HIV in Dakar, Senegal

Boubacar Ahy Diatta, Chaymae Yousfi, Pie Nibirantije, Patrice Mendy, Niare Ndour, Ndiague Fall, Khadim Diop, Mamadou Sarr, Coumba Ndiaye, Saer Diadie, Maodo Ndiaye, Assane Diop, Moussa Diallo, Fatimata Ly, Suzanne Oumou Niang

Conclusion: The COVID-19 pandemic and its health measures have had a major impact on the follow-up and quality of life of people living with HIV. The reinforcement of therapeutic education, barrier measures, and COVID-19 vaccination seem to contribute to improving the quality of life of PLHIV.

Original Article

Beneficial properties of olive tree leaves concerning personal care ingredients: Herbal tincture

Sara Gonçalvesa, Isabel Gaivãoa

Conclusion: The findings in this study supported the potential of olive tree leaves as a valuable resource for developing natural and sustainable interventions targeting DNA damage and related health conditions. Continued research in this field will contribute to a better understanding of the therapeutic potential and applications of olive tree leaves in the field of natural cosmetics and medicine.

Original Article

Atopic dermatitis associated with tropical endemic limbo-conjunctivitis: Epidemiology, clinical phenotypes, and allergological investigations

Boubacar Ahy Diatta, Chaïma Ben Amara, Joseph Matar Mass Ndiaye, Patrice Mendy, Pie Nibirantije, Ndiague Fall, Coumba Ndiaye, Mame Tené Ndiaye, Saer Diadié, Maodo Ndiaye, Moussa Diallo, Fatimata Ly, Paule Aïda Ndoye Roth, Suzanne Oumou Niang

Conclusion: AD associated with TECL remains common in tropical environments. They share common aggravating environmental factors, notably hypersensitivity to aeroallergens and a predominance in early childhood. The major impact on functional prognosis makes therapeutic education and multidisciplinary management of patients essential.

Original Article

Pallavi Phadnis, Shyam Govind Rathoriya, Rochit Singhal, Vivek Choudhary

Conclusion: This study assisted to incorporate the spectrum of RPD and to assess its frequency, morphological patterns, and prognosis. Owing to the paucity of research studies on RPD, the present study will be helpful in exploring future treatment modalities, thereby decreasing the enigma and concerns associated with RPD.

Original Article

Evaluation of the therapeutic efficacy of topical 50% hydrogen peroxide vs. 100% trichloroacetic acid vs. 5% 5-fluorouracil in the treatment of warts

Akshay Jain Salecha, Leepika Annamreddy, Kode Sridevi, Damaraju Venkata Satya Bhaskara Ramamurthy, Naga Padma Lakamsani, Teneti Moneka Sai

Conclusion: According to our study, H2O2 and TCA have the advantage of earlier action over 5% 5-FU. However, H2O2 remarkably stands as a safer therapeutic option concerning the clearance of lesions, patient tolerability, and side effects.

Brief Report

Trichoscopy of connectivitises: Discoid lupus erythematosus or dermatomyositis?

Fatima Zahra Hashas, Sara Elloudi, Sara El Ammari, Hanane Baybay, Zakia Douhi, Moncef Maiouak, Fatima Zahra Mernissi

Conclusion: Trichoscopic examination is a valuable tool for the diagnosis of connectivitis.

Sarah Hamdan Kourouma, Koffi Kouamé Pacôme Gbandama, Yao Isidore Kouassi, Ange-Sylvain Allou, Kaunan Leslie-Wilfried Gbonangbo Amani, Kouamé Alexandre Kouassi, Kanga Kouamé, Mamadou Kaloga, Kouadio célestin Ahogo, Elidjé Joseph Ecra, Ildevert Patrice Gbery, Abdoulaye Sangaré

Conclusion: The association of MS and HIV infection is rare. Their etiologies are dominated by psoriasis in Abidjan. A well-conducted interrogation to determine the chronology of events, assisted by biological examinations, allows the circumstance of occurrence to be identified.

Lorenzo Martini

Conclusion: Nowaday a new fashion exploded in US and other European countries: self pleasure in women (young or less young) guarantees a visco-elastic property to skin, and glamour and glow to the external appearance. This costume is spread through the brilliant world of actresses and movie stars, but more and more girls are trying to appropriate this attitude in order to attempt to remain always young and fashionable. The A recruited two women (the former elder and the latter younger) and prayed them to watch at porn magazins for two hours in one day and have self-plasure laying down on a couch calmly and serenely, and had the way to measure the visco-elasticity before and after the “amusement” by a Cutometer.

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