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Dermatologie Pediatrică I  


Dermatologie Pediatrică I (paperback cover)

Author: Anca Chiriac

Concise practical guidance to board certified dermatologists and dermatologists in training

Carefully themed to allow readers to gain a thorough practical knowledge of the wide range of cases they may see

Carefully illustrated to highlight evidence-based practice in exfoliative dermatitis

Part of the book series: Dermatologie Pediatrică II

Publisher: ODO

Release date: 2022

Number of pages: 147

ISBN-13: 978-83-958426-8-9


First edition

Romanian language



A consummate classic with a fresh approach to pediatric dermatology Childrens skin is different. Maturation affects the epidermal barrier, the cutaneous microbiome, adnexal structures, vasculature, and transcutaneous absorption of drugs. The immature skin is more susceptible to pathogens and environmental disruption. Many genetic disorders are either present at birth or manifest early in childhood. Skin diseases thus present differently in children than in adults. Pediatric dermatology has seen significant advances over the last decade, particularly in the field of molecular genetics research, which has furthered our understanding of the pathogenesis of many skin diseases and the development of new approaches to treatment. This first edition provides state-of-the-art information on all aspects of skin disease in children. It covers the diagnosis and treatment of all conditions.



Table of contents

Table of contents (12 chapters)

1. Patologie cutanată asociată infec?iei COVID-19 în popula?ia pediatrică (Manifestări cutanatela copiii infecta?i cu COVID-19)

pages 1-16

2. Rxxxxxxxx

pages 15-23

3. Dxxxxxxxxxx

pages 24-29

4. Pxxxxxxxxxx

pages 30-41

5. Pxxxxxxxxxxxxx

pages 42-49

6. Lixxxxxxxxxxxxxx

pages 50-56

7. Bxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

pages 57-66

8. Mxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

pages 67-75

9. Urxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

pages 76-90

10. Toxxxxxxxxxxxxx

pages 91-100

11. Ecxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

pages 101-108

12. Dexxxxxxxxxxxxx

pages 109-116




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