Nedelciuc Boris

Ass. Prof. Boris Nedelciuc – Moldova

Associate Professor, MD-PhD at "Nicolae Testemitanu" State University of Medicine and Pharmacy, Chisinau, Republic of Moldova.


He earned his medical degree at the "Nicolae Testemitanu" State University of Medicine and Pharmacy (SUMPh) in 1993 and continued his undergraduate training at the Dermatovenerological Republican Clinic to get his Stationary Doctors degree at "Nicolae Testemitanu" University, the Department of Dermatovenerology (2000).
He completed his qualification as a professor and specialist in Dermatovenerology after having attended several other related courses abroad, namely “Aesthetic Dermatocosmetology” and “Dermatology Private Office Management” in Bucharest, Romania (1999), “Immunology and Allergology” in Moscow, Russia (2000), and “Fellowship in Dermatology and Cosmetology” at Hôpital de La Timone, Marseille, France (2006). After taking a training at the School of Business Communications in 2009 he started a career in the healthcare management field being appointed President of the Ministry of Health's Attestation Commission for Dermatovenerologists and Cosmetologists of Moldova (2010).
Mr Boris Nedelciuc has worked over the past 15 years as a Dermatovenerologist Doctor, Researcher and Associate Professor in various hospitals, dispensaries and at the State University of Medicine in Chisinau.
He is the author of 132 scientific publications, including articles, theses, and a recent monograph dedicated to “Eponymic, Toponymic and Acronymic Dermatovenerology” published in 2010.
Mr Nedelciuc is especially interested in the following medical research fields: Aesthetic Dermatology, Viscero-cutaneous Collagenosis, Cutaneous/Mucous Candidiasis, Mineral Therapy used in various Cutaneous Affections and STI, the Perspective of using Stem Cells in treating Skin Diseases, the History of Dermatology.



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