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N Dermatol Online. 2010; 1(1): 10
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Piotr Brzezinski

6th Military Support Unit in Ustka, Poland

Corresponding author: Dr. Piotr Brzeziński

How to cite this article: Brzezinski P. Cooperation of the military medical services with the civilian sector as exemplified by the 6th Military Support Unit in Ustka (Poland). Our Dermatol Online 2010; 1(1): 10.

In accordance with the decision of the Minister of National Defense, since 1st of January 2008, Inspectorate for Armed Forces Support has been conducting the guidance program of Military Support Units (Wojskowy Oddział Gospodarczy – WOG). Its aim is to test and adjust the concept of separation of financial and logistic tasks from the operational and training activities. Within the frame of this program four Military Supports Units (MSU) were established. They are located in: Dęblin, Gliwice, Ustka and Wrocław. They are the basic element within the stationary supply system and are responsible for the following tasks:?logistic support, financial matters, medical support, force protection of military areas, mobilization process support, providing services for military units. The Military Support Unit in Ustka (marked with number 6) supplies military units of the Navy, the Air Force and Air Defense and the Wicko Morskie Battle Camp, where the members of the North Atlantic Treaty Organization carry out thier exercises. Within the 6th Military Support Unit the Medical Services Department has been established, which aim is to secure medically the 6th Military Support Unit and military units, which are supplied by it, as well as cooperation with civil services located within the area of activities of the Ustka and Wicko Morskie Garrison. Structure of the Medical Service of the 6th Military Support Unit: 3 physicians, 3 nurses, 4 corpsmen, 1 petty officer – corpsman, 1 petty officer, 2 ambulances. Ustka is a town of about twenty thousand population located in the middle-north Poland. During a high season (from May to September) its population increases uo to 1000% In case terrorist attack comes into, within the 6th Military Support Unit, the Medical Unit. The Crisis Group cooperates directly with the Crisis Headquarters in Ustka and with the Crisis Headquarters of District Authorities in Słupsk, as well as: the Military Police, the Police, Border Guard. In case of threat within the area of activities of the 6th MSU the plans of evacuation and accesses to civil Health Care Service Institutions have been prepared. Spare points of hospitalization have been appointed.

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