Dr. Zoya Zaidi – INDIA                                        

All India Istitute of Medical sciences (AIIMS), New Delhi, India
Sanoober Clinic 12 Abad Market Dodhpur Aligarh UP, India
e-mail: zoyazaidi50@gmail.com
I have done my MD with Honours from Patrice Lumumba Friendship University Moscow (Russia). I have specialised in Rheumatology from All India Institute of Medical Sciences (AIIMS)New Delhi (India) Under the able guidance of Dr. AN Malavia, under whom I worked for 5 years as a Rheumatologist. I am now running my own clinic as a consultant Rheumatologist since the last 25 odd years. I have more than 500 patients registered in my clinic. Patients from an area of around 15000 sq. km. from Aligarh (UP), where I have my clinic come to me for consultation, including the Northern Indian States of UP, MP, Rajasthan, Himachal Pradesh, Bihar and Gujarat. They are also refered to me some times from as far down as Bangalore from South India and Mumbai in Maharashtra.
I am a Life member of Asia Pacific of League of Associations of Rheumatologists (APLAR) since 1995. A life member of Indian Rheumatology Association (IRA) since 1993.
I have attended practically every APLAR Conference since 1996 and every IRACOM since 1993 on wards.
I keep in touch and up to date in my subject by subscribing to Journals like Arthritis and Rheumatism and Amarican Journal of Rheumatology, besides others and surf the net regularly on my subject.
I am often invited to give lectures on my subject in clinical meetings, seminars and conferences and love to spread awareness about Rheumatology.
Memberships Held
American Arthritis Foundation
Asia Pacific League of Association of Rheumatologists APLAR
Indian Rheumatism association
Association of Physician of India- Member
Epidemic Vivaran (Prevention) Committee, District Aligarh- Medical Advisor
Manav Manch, a voluntary organization, NGO, dedicated to improving environment, health and welfare of citizens. Founder and Organizing Secretary
IHU- Indian Humanist Association
Women’s Education Committee, AMU, Aligarh, UP, India
Old Girls’ association, AMU, Aligarh, UP, India
Aligarh Alumni’s Association, AMU, Aligarh
in pdf: Publications, Papers Presented at Conferences, Lectures taken at Conferences….

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