Rusnak Martin


Prof. MUDr. Martin Rusnak, CSc – Slovakia

Department of Public Health
Faculty of Health Care and Social Work
Trnava University
Slovak Republic

Trnava University, Faculty of Health and Social Services1/2006 – Full Professor of Public Health
Trnava University, Faculty of Health and Social Services5/1996 – 1/2006  – Docent
Slovak Academy of Sciences, Bratislava, Czechoslovakia5/1978 – 7/1981 – CSc. (Candidate of Sciences – equiv. to PhD)
School of Medicine (University), Bratislava, Czechoslovakia9/1969 – 6/1975 – MUDr. (MD)
Membership of professional bodies (since 1998 year):
2010 – on-going: Member of the Scientific Editorial Board, Journal of Ecology and Health, Poland
2005 – on-going: National Institute of Quality and Innovations, Member of the Board
2000 – on-going: Austrian Society for Public Health, Member
2000 – on-going: EuroSafe – a part of European Consumer Safety Organization
1998 – on-going: Member of The Federation for International Cooperation of Health Services and Systems Research Centers (FICOSSER)
Key qualifications:
-Strong management skills and management experience
-3 years of experience as a technical advisor in health policy and planning: 1993 – 1995: Secretary of the Coordination Committee for Health Development and Health Promotion, Ministry of Health, Slovak Republic, 1994 – 94: Secretary of the Governmental Council for National Health Promotion, Ministry of Health, Slovak Republic, 1992 – 93: Member of the Governmental Council for National Health Promotion, Ministry of Health, Slovak Republic. In this capacities I have led the Committee in planning health services, preventive and curative, amending legislation, programming and evaluation of activities for the sectors of health and social issues. I was responsible directly to the Minister of Health in Slovak Republic. In addition to that 2 years (1996-97) in the Ministry of Health in Croatia, implementing a the Antimicrobial Resistance Surveillance in Human Medicine, where the beneficiary was the MoH of Croatia and the overall topic was harmonizing policies towards the EU standards. 6 months on a project in Romania, developing health policies on access to health services for minorities. Altogether 3 + 2 + .5 = 5.5 years
-5 years of Team Leader experience in health reforms and modernisation: 10 months Technical Assistance for Licensing and Accreditation under Health sector modernization project, Albania, 9 months The Clinical Practice Guidelines as a Component of Quality in Health System in Albania, 20 months Educational and Medical Integration of Vulnerable Minority Groups with the Special Focus on Roma – Component 3: Health, Bulgaria, 10 years as the executive director and later on as the president of the Internationale Gesellschaft zur Erforschung von Hirntraumata, developing research based policies for the MoH in Austria and other countries of Central Europe.
-Strong analytical and reporting skills and excellent interpersonal and communication skills
-Health policy, health planning, health reform
-Public health change management
-Management and implementation of projects in the field of health reforms and modernisation
-Experiences in working within Ministries of Health
-Quality of care in hospitals focusing on accreditation of hospitals, including accreditation policies development, setting up accreditation standards, training and implementation
-Health and hospital information systems
List of publication and Professional experience is available in the journal Redaction



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