Prof. Zabielski Stanisław – POLAND    

Researcher-Military Medical Institute in Warsaw, Poland. 
Researcher-University of Humanities and Sciences in Kielce, Poland.
Szaserów 128 Warszawa 44
Polska 04-141
Tel. 0 22 6816241

Prof. Stanisław Leopold Zabielski graduated from the Military Medical Academy in Łódź in 1958-1964, obtaining the title of doctor and the rank of second lieutenant. He completed a two-year post-graduate internship at the Central Clinical Hospital, Military Medical Academy in Warsaw, and then in 1966 he started his professional career as a doctor.

At the same time, as part of his volunteer work, he began specializing in the Clinic of Dermatology at the CSK WAM. He obtained the 2nd degree specialization in 1975. In the same year he started working at the clinic as an assistant. He obtained the title of doctor n. Med. Under the supervision of prof. Jan Łańcut on the basis of the dissertation entitled "Self-mutilation of the skin of soldiers treated in the Dermatology Clinic of the Central Clinical Hospital of the Military Medical Academy in the years 1971-1974.

In 1994 he was awarded the degree of habilitated doctor on the basis of the thesis "Selected genetic and immunological indicators in the course of psoriasis in young men", and in 1966 with a specialization in the field of allergology.

He was the head of the Clinic of Dermatology at CSK WAM as an associate professor, and since 2002 as a professor.

Scientific achievements of prof. Stanisław Leopold Zabielski is related to the work performed. Most of his publications were related to the need to solve dermatological problems occurring in the military.

17 doctors specializing in dermatology and venereology under the supervision of the professor. Three doctors obtained a specialization in allergology. Currently, the professor manages the specialization of two doctors and was the supervisor of 6 doctoral dissertations.

As the main specialist and consultant of the Military Health Service, he teaches dermatology and venereology at training courses before specialist exams.

In his spare time, Professor Zabielski is passionate about reading enriching his historical knowledge. He also likes traveling around the world and learning about the culture of the visited countries.

Scientific and research activity
he managed 5 research teams, departmental and own
he managed 4 statutory topics of the KBN
author of over 100 scientific papers, 4 monographs
promoter of 6 doctorates and 1 habilitation thesis
reviewer of 7 doctoral dissertations
editorial member of 5 scientific journals
The professor participated several times in the campaigns to examine the birthmarks, as part of the days of fighting with melanoma.

Scientific Award of the 2nd degree of the Ministry of National Defense
WAM Rector's Award 1st degree
He was awarded the Crystal Heart Badge for his activity in the Polish Red Cross
For his social activities, he was awarded the Commander's Cross of the Order of Polonia Restituta. The ceremony was held in the presidential palace, and the decoration was presented by the President of Poland.


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