Patricia Chang, MD PhD – GUATEMALA                                                                         

Dermatologist. Active Associate No. 2622, School of Doctors and Surgeons, Guatemala.
3a Av 12-38 zona 10 tel.23757363 23757364
Paseo Plaza Clinic Center Oficina 404 

Hospital Angeles 2a Av. 14-74 zona 1

Tel. 22300488/89
Fax: 22300490

1983                                      M.S.                       PASCUA Dermatological Center, México D.F.
                                               Ph.D.                      Universidad de San Carlos, Guatemala
1983-Present                Dermatologist, Hospital Ángeles
1983-Present                Dermatologist, Guatemala’s Social Security General Hospital
1989-1991                     Secretary, Guatemalan Association of Dermatology
1991-1993                     President, Guatemalan Association of Dermatology
2004-2008                     Delegate representing Guatemala before the Iberian-Latin American School of Dermatology
2004-2008                     Cilad Mycology Representative
2006-2012                     Archive Secretary, Central American and Caribbean Society of Dermatology
1983-Present                Pro Bono Professorship, Dermatology, Ph.D. studies at Guatemala’s Social Security General Hospital
2009-2012                     Director of Medical Assistance Program and Education Cilad  (PRAMED)
Guatemalan Association of Dermatology
Mexican Association of Dermatology
Nicaraguan Association of Dermatology
International Journal of Dermatology
Colegio Ibero latinoamericano de Dermatología
Member of the Editorial Committee of Cosmetic Dermatology, Medical – Surgical
Corresponding Member of the Mexican Association of Medical Mycology, A.C.
Member of the Editorial Committee of Minutes on Dermal Syphilology
Member of the virtual review PIEL
Member of the virtual review
Mexican Magazine of Dermatology, Journal of Internal Medicine, Dermatological Review, Complexion, Skin, and Cosmetic Dermatology, Medical-Surgical, Medical-Surgical Cosmetic Dermatology, Skin, International Journal of Dermatology, Cutis
198   Dermatological Publication in different reviews (local and international)
1.Chang, Patricia, Manual How to Interpret Nails
2.Chang, Patricia, Onychomycosis
3.Chang, Patricia, Basic Dermatology
4.Chang, Patricia, Diabetes Mellitus and Skin
5.Chang, Patricia et al, Atlas of cutaneous Oncology
6.Chang, Patricia, Nails and Systemic Diseases
7.Chang, Patricia, Haneke Eckart, Iconography of the Pathology of the Nail on edition
31 Virtual Publications on  Los casos de Patricia
01Virtual Publication: Iconography of cutaneous malignity’s  Dermatología Ibero latinoamericana on line 1
01 Virtual Publications on Our Dermatology On line
Virtual Publications, Publications in pdf

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