Prof.  Winnie N. Nhlengethwa, Ph.D – Swaziland

Vice Chancellor
Southern Africa Nazarene University.
P.O. Box 6800 Manzini. M200
Mob: +268 6076782
Tel:+268 5054636
I am currently serving as the Vice Chancellor of the Southern Africa Nazarene University since October 22, 2010 to 2015. In this portfolio, I am chair of both Council and Senate with the power to confer degrees in the absence of the Chancellor.

The major undertaking, among others, was to spearhead the upgrade of three Nazarene colleges in Swaziland to a university level between 2007 and 2010. The responsibilities include articulation of policies, leading and directing all educational developments and activities of the University. In this position, I provide guidance to the Executive Committee which oversees University assets, grants, contracts, academic programmes, human resources and student affairs. Organizing and leading College Faculty Board.
I am very passionate about teaching pharmacology to students in the General Nursing Programme and facilitating a Health Assessment Diagnosis and Treatment course which I teach to Midwifery students.
I serve in various boards in health, education and the energy sector. I am currently serving as an International editor of “Nursing Education Today”.
I have conducted scholarly research in the area of HIV and AIDs and have co-published articles in the same field. I am beginning to have a feel of writing books as I continue to impart and share ideas with scholars and students in the area of antiretroviral treatment and HIV.

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