Mustafa Afifi

Mustafa Afifi, MD – United Arab Emirates

Consultant Primary Mental Health Care, Ministry of Health, UAE
Department of PHC, Ministry of Health (HQ),
Room 303, PO Box 1853,
Dubai, UAE
phone, faxes, 00971509854648.
Office Fax. No. +971 4 396 5926

Main areas of Interests
Non- Communicable Diseases and Mental health:
– Prevelance and correlates of Diabetes, hypertension, obesity, hyperlipedemia and smoking.
– Depression , aolescent depression , adolescents’ anxiety, and adolescent suicide.
Gender issues, Reproductive and Adolescents’ Health:
– Women empowerment, women autonomy and family planning unmet needs, fertility and its determinants, use of birth control methods. Gender issues, attitude towards gender role, gender differences in mental health, FGC, VAW, adolescents’ risk behaviors, adolescents attitude towards gender role.
Mustafa Afifi was born in Alexandria, Egypt in 20th December 1961. He held his MBChB from Alexandria University at 1984 followed by his Masters in Internal Medicine. Then, he got three post- graduate diplomas in Mental Health, Primary Health Care and General Management. Finally, he held his Doctorate degree (DrPH) in Public Health in January 1997 where his Thesis was entitled " A mental health component in primary health care for prevention and management of adolescents' suicidal behaviour". He got many training courses in Oman, as well as fellowships and scholarships from American University Beirut, American University Cairo, KwaZulu Natal University in South Africa, and Queen Zein Institute in Jordon. After holding his doctorate, he worked as head of health programs and head of planning in South Sharqiya Region, MoH, Oman for around three years. Then, he was a Specialist in the MoH (HQ) for another successive eight years in Research and Studies department and Non- Communicable Diseases department consecutively. Recently, as a Consultant public health, he was shouldered the responsibility of integration of mental health in primary care in the UAE. Dr. Afifi has a lot of publications in international and regional peer- reviewed and PubMed- indexed journals. He is interested in mental health, non communicable diseases, and gender issues.



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