Dr. Carsten Sauer Mikkelsen


Dr. Carsten Sauer Mikkelsen – DENMARK    

Private praxis in Broenderslev, Denmark.

Bredgade 13, 2. sal, 9700 Brønderslev
Tel: 9840 2424
e-mail: c.s.mikkelsen@hotmail.com
Some insights:I did reseach in 1999-2001 on a WHO-financed project in Guinea Bissau in West Africa on Rotavirus. I have a broad clinical experiences within Dermatology, where I`m specialized. Besides I have worked many years within other relevant specialities such as rheumatology, oncology, GP, infectious diseases and internal medicine.
• Specialist at Brønderslev Skin Clinic since January 2010.
• Senior Research Fellow, Research Center, Department of Dermato-Venereology, Aalborg University Hospital
• PhD research stay Guinea-Bissau (1999-2001) in West Africa with support from WHO / SSI – concerning Rotavirus epidemiological studies – vaccine trials. – supervisor professor and academic director at the Statens Serum Institut, Kåre Mølbak and clinical professor at the University of Copenhagen Thea Kølsen Fischer.
• 120 published articles (researchgate).
• Internal medical appointments within the specialties: pediatrics, rheumatology, oncology, infectious diseases.
• Greenland regional doctor: Nuuk, Qaqortoq (Julianehåb), Narsaq, Narsarsuaq, Maniitsoq and Ilulissat (Jakobshavn).
• Norway chief physician / consultant: Kirkenes, Vadsjøen, Bodø, Vesterålen, Mosjøen, Ålesund, Stavanger and Egernsund.
• Former editor of the journal Best Practice together with Professor, dr.med Jørgen Serup.
• Review on Dermatology Online, Dermatology reports.
• Inspector at the climate therapy treatment sites in Ein Ghedi and Croatia. Formerly at Læsø climate therapy treatment site
• Senior Medical Advisor – Advanced Medical Support Norway
• 2 years representative of the dermatologists in the accreditation board
• Research Lab, Department of Dermatology, Aalborg University Hospital

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