Dr Anaparthy Usharani


Prof. Anaparthy Usharani – INDIA  

Department of Microbiology, Siddartha Medical College, Vijayawada, India.

Dept. of Microbiology Andhra Medical College Visakha patnam-2 Andhra Pradesh
Ph: 9440615663
e-mail: usharani.anaparthy@gmail.com

Present position: Professor in Siddarthra Medical College(35 yrs. old Medical College Vijayawada, India.

Qualification : MBBS , MD (Microbiology)
Experience in teaching:
Tutor: 4 yrs.
Assistant professor: 7 yrs
Associate professor: 7 yrs.
Fields of teaching:
15 years of teaching experience in under graduate teaching for Medical(MBBS), Dental( BDS), Physiotherapy, M.Sc (Micro), B.Sc nursing, B.Sc lab technology.
Post graduate teaching : 10 years of experience in guiding PG students in MD  (Microbiology), M.Sc (Microbiology) and in conducting PG seminars and workshops.
10 years of teaching experience HIV medicine:In  teaching of medical officers, medical post graduates of various faculties and other teaching staff, supervisors and lab. Technicians and conducting reorientation programmes.
Practical experience: In guiding and teaching postgraduates in Bacteriology, HIV, serology and Mycology.
Fields of interest: HIV and medical mycology.
Uncommon fungal pathogens in sputum of HIV positive patients in JMM :Dec. 2010
Fungal pathogens in HIV positive patients (under consideration for publication in JAHR)



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