Prof. Alexandro Bonifaz – MEXICO                                                                                 

Dermatology Service, General Hospital of Mexico 
place of work address: Dr. Balmis 148, Col. Doctores. Mexico City
phone, faxes, +52 55 5761 3923 
National researcher. Professor of area and posgrade of the UNAM (National Autonomus University of Mexico), Mexico.
Head of the Mycology section of the Dermatology Service Hospital Genera Mexico
Senior Researcher of Health Services
Editor of: Dermatología Revista Mexicana
Deputy editor: Mycoses. Deputy editor: Medical Mycology Case Reports. Deputy editor: Current Fungal Infections Reports
Member of multiple national and international associations in Dermatology, Medical Mycology, and Tropical Medicine

Prof. Alexandro Bonifaz is a Medical mycologist, and has been working in General Hospital of Mexico (GHM), the School-Hospital more important in Mexico; for almost 30 years. My current position is Head of Mycology section depends of the Dermatology Service. Investigator of GHM; National investigator of the Health’s systems of Mexico & Researcher of Investigator’s National System (CONACYT). Grade´s professor of the National Autonomous University of Mexico (UNAM) since 1981 and Professor of postgraduate since 1989. Medical Mycology´s professor in GHM since 1985. Membership in several Scientific Societies.

Research Interest
 Area of work is: cutaneous infections (Superficial, Subcutaneous and deep Mycoses), Antimycotics.

Specific area: tineas, mycetoma, sporotrichosis, chromoblastomycosis, histoplasmosis and mucormycosis.


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