Secret and latent dangers hidden underneath the glazed cover of the modern Organic Cosmetic


Amongst the principal targets the New Organic Cosmetic (and peculiarly the modern “Juice Beauty Care” based on the use of juices from fruits and polychrome herbs) heralds, there is the fact that it is advisable that the extraction must be done “naturally” from all vegetables, randomly collected and these vegetables may contain degraded chlorophyll and its derivative phylloeritrin, that is a very important photosensitizing agent, since the ripening of most fruits and some vegetables is characterized by rapid decrease of chlorophyll levels coupled with rapid increase of pigments.
This involves the presence of extreme severe photosensitising agents in natural cosmetics belonging to the category of the “make up and decorative” ones, as eye-shadows, foundations, pencils, fards aux paupiers, coloured creams and pastes.
Aims of my study is to determine how much the presence of these photosensitising agents in Organic cosmetics may damage human skin, when covered by natural maquillage products and then exposed to sun. For this purpose I have recruited 20 women in a government prison that decided voluntarily to undergo my experiments, based on the simple application of natural make up cosmetics before to have their out of cell time, during summer days at noon. Final evaluations of photosensitization have been carried out along with the clinical scoring scale drawn up by the International Contact Dermatitis Research Group (ICDRG).

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