Dermatology Eponyms – sign –Lexicon (Z)

Piotr Brzezinski1,2, Lorenzo Martini2, Samriti Sood3

1Department of Physiotherapy and Medical Emergency, Faculty of Health Sciences, Pomeranian Academy, Slupsk, Poland, 2University of Siena, Department of Pharmaceutical Biotechnologies, Via A. Moro 2, 53100 Siena, Italy, 3Department of Dermatology, Venereology and Leprosy, Indira Gandhi Medical College Shimla, Himachal Pradesh, India

Corresponding author: Dr. Piotr Brzeziński, MD PhD

Submission: 08.07.2019; Acceptance: 12.11.2019

DOI: 10.7241/ourd.2020e.181

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Eponyms are used almost daily in the clinical practice of dermatology. And yet, information about the person behind the eponyms is difficult to find. Indeed, who is? What is this person’s nationality? Is this person alive or dead? How can one find the paper in which this person first described the disease? Eponyms are used to describe not only disease, but also clinical signs, surgical procedures, staining techniques, pharmacological formulations, and even pieces of equipment. In this article we present the symptoms starting with (Y) and other. The symptoms and their synonyms, and those who have described this symptom or phenomenon.

Key words: Eponyms; Skin Diseases; Sign; Phenomenon


Samriti Sood. Saddle nose (Fig. 1). For example sign of ectodermal dysplasia [13].

Figure 1:Zaufal’s sign.                                                                                          


Czechoslovakian rhinologist (Fig. 2), 1833-1910, was a doctor, associate professor and later a professor at the Medical Faculty of Charles University, founder of the Ear Clinic at the General University Hospital in Prague. He has perfected examination and surgical methods in the ear and nose medicine, the author of specialist papers in the field. Zaufal’s contribution to the field consisted primarily in improving diagnostic methods in the ear and nose medicine, identifying the causes of purulent otitis media and applying new surgical methods in surgical treatment in the field [4,5].

Figure 2:Emanuel Zaufal (thanx to                                                        


In precipitation reactions, three zones may appear in the supernatant: a zone of antibody excess, in which uncombined antibody is present; a zone of equivalence, in which both antigen and antibody are completely precipitated and no uncombined antigen or antibody is present; and a zone of antigen excess, in which all antibody has combined with antigen and additional uncombined antigen is present (in this zone, precipitation is partly or completely inhibited because, in the presence of excess antigen, soluble antigen-antibody complexes form) [611].


A disease due to the action of a ferment, as of a morbific germ or a ptomaine [12].


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