Libidinal attitudes in women (self pleasure and self punishment) yield to a glamorous and more elastic skin

Lorenzo Martini1,2

1University of Siena, Department of Pharmaceutical Biotechnologies, Via A. Moro 2, 53100 Siena, Italy, 2C.R.I.S.M.A. Inter University Centre for Researched Advanced Medical Systems, Via A. Moro 2, 53100 Siena, Italy

Corresponding author: Prof. Lorenzo Martini, M.Sc, E-mail:

How to cite this article: Martini L. Libidinal attitudes in women (self pleasure and self punishment) yield to a glamorous and more elastic skin. Our Dermatol Online. 2023;14(e):e29.
Submission: 22.12.2022; Acceptance: 24.02.2023
DOI: 10.7241/ourd.2023e.29

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Nowaday a new fashion exploded in US and other European countries: self pleasure in women (young or less young) guarantees a visco-elastic property to skin, and glamour and glow to the external appearance. This costume is spread through the brilliant world of actresses and movie stars, but more and more girls are trying to appropriate this attitude in order to attempt to remain always young and fashionable. The A recruited two women (the former elder and the latter younger) and prayed them to watch at porn magazins for two hours in one day and have self-plasure laying down on a couch calmly and serenely, and had the way to measure the visco-elasticity before and after the “amusement” by a Cutometer.

Key words: Self-punishment; Sexual arousal; Cytochines; Cutometer; Elasticity; Skin suction


Sexual arousal and orgasm [1] induce an increase in sympathetic activity as well as in catecholamine and prolactin plasma concentrations. However, the effects of sexual arousal and orgasm on immune functions in woman are unknown. The effects of self-pleasure (staring at porn videos, reading illustrated magazins concerning sexual actions, lesbian practices and indeed self destruction or punishment) -induced orgasm on lymphocyte circulation and cytokine production in healthy women [1,2].

Micro-doses of cytokines have always been employed in rejuvenation treatment and they enhance the natural processes of regeneration. Skin becomes more radiant, smooth and fresher. Generally, patients feel reinvigorated and more energetic [3].

When somebody cuts or harms himself (with razors or pen knives, in the pelvic zones or elsewhere, a cascade of cytochines happens finally) and this is a valuable corollary in the sovereign Science of Human Physiopathology.

It is unanswerable that manifold women belonging to the middle class or bourgeois or bigoted or anyway religiose individuals, distaste and abhor all the aforesaid activenesses even if a plethora of ladies who does not disdain these libidinal practices (many actresses and movie-stellas and headliners deify self pleasure and masturbation in order to get always a glamorous appearance and glow skin and it is wellknown that the sexual wellness market was valued at over $74 million in 2019 and estimated to reach $108 million by 2027, almost in USA).

Vasodilatation evoked by these practices are responsible of transient increases in adrenaline and prolactin plasma concentrations. Sexual arousal and orgasm increased the absolute number of leukocytes, in particular natural killer cells (CD3-CD16+CD56+), in the peripheral blood [4].

In contrast, T cell (CD3+) and B cell (CD3-CD20+) subpopulations as well as the production of interleukin 6 and tumor necrosins factor alpha remained unaffected by sexual activity.

The skin compactess and elasticity may be measured by a simplest Cutometer, a newest method based on the suction of a part of the skin in a volunteer.

Inside the probe, the penetration depth is determined by a non-contact optical measuring system. This optical measuring system consists of a light source and a light receptor, as well as two prisms facing each other, which project the light from transmitter to receptor. The light intensity varies due to the penetration depth of the skin. The resistance of the skin to the negative pressure (firmness) and its ability to return into its original position (elasticity) are displayed as curves (penetration depth in mm/time) in real time during the measurement. From these curves a variety of interesting measurement parameters can be calculated related to elastic and visco-elastic properties of skin surface and skin aging [46].

The typical shape of a curve of human skin is based on the different forces of elastin and collagen in the skin.

Elastin is responsible for the flexibility of the skin whereas collagen’s main task is to keep the skin in shape.

The first, very straight part of the curve is shaped by the proportion of elastin in the skin as it easy to displace and very flexible. When skin starts to “creep” inside the probe, the collagen has taken over. It is stronger and resists the mechanical force better. Immediately after the pressure of the device has ceased, the collagen start to bring skin back to its original shape. Therefore in young skin with fresh collagen, the skin instantly returns more closely to its original position than in aged skin. In the end, eventually the elastin sees to the complete recovery of the skin [7].


Case A: A woman (41 y. old).

Case B: a girl (22 y. old) were prayed to watch at porn magazines once in a single day almost for two hours laying down on a chaiselongue and after an initial measurement by a Cutometer mpa 580, (2) with a maximum suction pressure of 400mbar, a second measurement was carried after 12 h.(4,320 s).

These are the two initial responses where time in mm and elevation in s are plotted.(suction pressure and amplitude of elasticity) (Fig. 1).

Figure 1: The elastic response after suction. The amplitude is expressed in (s) and the elastic response in (m).

And this is the graphic where the parameters (of time) are scored.


  • R0: This parameter represents the passive behaviour of the skin to force
  • R1: The ability of the skin to return to its original state
  • R2: Gross elasticity, the closer to 1 (100%) the more elastic
  • R3: Maximum amplitude of last and first curves compared to give “tiring effects” of skin
  • R4: Minimum amplitude of last and first curves compared to give “tiring effects” of skin
  • R5: Net elasticity, the closer to 1 (100%) the more elastic the skin
  • R6: Portion of visco-elasticity on the elastic part of the curve (the smaller the value the higher the elasticity)
  • R7: Portion of elasticity compared to complete curve, closer to 1 (100%) the more elastic
  • R8: Ability of the skin to return to normal state
  • R9: Tiring effects of the skin after repeated sucking, the smaller R9 the smaller the effect
  • And the blue curve represents the suction (mm) and the yellow curve represents the amplitude of elasticity (s).


  • The first measure in Case A reveals a score of 0.2587 mm/s in the morning/7 AM) and the second measurement was 0.2109 mm/s in the evening (7 PM).
  • As far as Case B was concerned the first measurement was exactly 0.248 mm/s in the morning (7 AM) and 0,0195 mm/s in the evening (7 PM).
  • The time of the elastic response to suction pressure disminished in both the Cases, but the decrease was more accentuated in the younger girl (obviously).


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