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Corresponding author: Mariia Shkilna, MD, PhD, E-mail: nadiya20743@gmail.com
Submission: 02.12.2014; Acceptance: 13.02.2015

Dedicated to the memory of the prominent scientist, leader – Corresponding Member of NAMS of Ukraine, Honored Worker of Science of Ukraine, the rector of I.Ya.Horbachevsky Ternopil State Medical University, Professor Kovalchuk Leonid Yakymovych.

October 1, 2014 stopped beating the heart of the Corresponding Member of NAMS of Ukraine, Honored Worker of Science of Ukraine, the rector of I.Ya.Horbachevsky Ternopil State Medical University, Professor Kovalchuk Leonid Yakymovych (Fig. 1).

Figure 1: Professor Kovalchuk Leonid Yakymovych

All his life he devoted to medicine, helping patients and developing medical university.

Leonid Yakymovych was born on March 15, 1947 in the village Ternivka Izyaslav district Khmelnytskiy region.

The head of Ternopil State Medical University finished Bereshany Medical College (1967). Specialty “physician” with qualifications “surgeon” has gained in Ternopil State Medical Institution and received the diploma in 1973. After graduation internship took place in Ternopil Regional Hospital. In 1974-75 he worked as a surgeon in the village Ustya-Zelene Monastyrskyi district, Ternopil region, and in 1975-78 – a surgeon, head of surgical department of Velykodederkalskiy hospital Shumsk district, Ternopil region. Since that time Leonid Kovalchuk was not limited only by medical activities and the range of his scientific interests covered issues of current medical techniques and technologies.

In 1977 L.Ya.Kovalchuk defended his thesis on the theme “The activity of a number of neutrophils oxidative enzymes and lymphocytes in patients with thyrotoxicosis.” Due to this he started his Ternopil surgical school that has a strong scientific foundation.

In 1978, the fate brought him to Kirovohrad region, where during two years Leonid Kovalchuk worked as the head of surgical department Znamyanka Central Hospital. In 1980 he returned to the surgeon position at Ternopil hospital No 1. Already since 1981 to 1983 Leonid Yakymovych worked as an assistant at Surgery Department Advanced Medical Faculty of Ternopil Medical Institutoon. Later (1983-1987), he was the chief surgeon of Ternopil regional health department. In September 1987, Leonid Kovalchuk became head of the Department of Surgery Hospital No 1 Ternopil Medical Institution. In 1994-1997 he served as vice-rector with clinical work of this institution.

In August 1997, taking into account the significant contribution to the development of then still Ternopil State Medical Academy his leadership, the ability to predict the institution staff entrusted leadership to Leonid Kovalchuk.

As rector Leonid Yakymovych demonstrated an innovative approach in the organization all activities of TDMA, which under his leadership has received university status and was published in the leading medical universities in Ukraine. His efforts opened 3 new departments: pharmacy, dental, foreign students; four educational and research institutions on the basis of theoretical departments and the first educational institute of nursing and educational institute of postgraduate education in Ukraine.

Material and technical base of the university was enhanced radically, publishing house “Ukrmedknyha” with its own printing complex was established, which is the base for CMC with WMO Ministry of Health of Ukraine and is now the largest specialized medical publishing house in Ukraine, issued by the regional newspaper “Medical Academy” and “University Hospital”. “Chervona Kalyna” was created as an educational and recreational complex, with the Congress Centre, the hotel, food complex, sports and physical training base and students dispensary.

Ternopil State Medical University Rector deservedly gained such rewards and honors: Corresponding Member of NAMS of Ukraine, Order “For Merit” third degree, Honored Worker of Science of Ukraine. He was awarded the Diploma of the Supreme Council of Ukraine, the Cabinet of Ministers of Ukraine and the Ministry of Health, the Diploma rating “Zolota Fortuna” was included in “Zolota knyha elity Ukraiiny.” In 2008 he was awarded the title of Honorary Professor of South Carolina University (USA), in 2014 – the title of Honorary Professor of Tbilisi State Medical University (Georgia). Also he awarded nominal Jubilee Medal Medical University, Bratislava (Slovakia), honors “European quality” European Business Assembly.

Since 2009, he headed the permanent commission of Ternopil Regional Council on questions of Health Care, Family, Motherhood and Childhood. He was particularly concerned about necessity of changes in the existing health care system. Results of his work were “The concept of reforming health care in Ternopil region.” Leonid Yakymovych worried about the issue of medical personnel training. To resolve this problem, he approached unconventionally, namely using the latest innovative techniques – methods of a single day, practically oriented model of the learning process (Z-model), lines of practical skills OSKI (OSPI), test technology assessment, computer technology, virtual computer programs. Ternopil State Medical University Rector made a special emphasis on obtaining practical skills by medical students. It was the first time in Ukraine launched a project to create university hospitals based on a cooperative model. To prepare family physicians Leonid Kovalchuk initiated the creation of a network of practical training centers of primary health care. This Leonid Yakymovych saw the way the integration of higher medical education at Ukraine international educational medical space. That he firstly launched a project to create university hospitals based on a cooperative model in Ukraine. Leonid Kovalchuk initiated the creation of a network of practical training centers of primary health care for preparing family physicians. In that Leonid Yakymovych saw the way of integration higher medical education at Ukraine into international educational medical sphere.

The innovation study and analysis of international experience, establishing close cooperation with leading foreign universities were based.

Leonid Yakymovych is well known expert in the field of medicine with a strong reputation among colleagues and friends, students and patients. The main scientific activity was associated with the study of fundamental problems of gastric ulcer and duodenal ulcer. He developed the original pathophysiological based methods of surgical treatment of gastric ulcer and duodenal ulcer, which reduced recurrence postresection disorders in four times. He developed methods which improve the safety and efficacy of surgical treatment of pathology of major arteries and extracranial vessels, including methods for preventing thrombosis segment reconstruction of the arterial system.

He is the author of 234 scientific works including 7 monographs, atlases, 4 surgeries, 6 books, 3 manuals, 32 inventions and patents. He prepared 8 doctors and 30 candidates of science. Leonid Kovalchuk also served as editor of scientific and practical journal “Hospital Surgery” and member of the editorial board of “Yzdatelskiy dom” (Russia).

His major works are: “The choice of methods of surgical treatment of gastroduodenal ulcers” (1997); “Laparoscopic surgery of the biliary tract” (1997); “Hospital Surgery” (textbook, 1999); “Clinical Surgery” (textbook, 2000); “Organ blood flow in precancerous lesions of esophagus and stomach” (2001); “Surgery Dumping Syndrome” (2002); “Anaesthesiology and intensive care emergency conditions” (2003); “Atlas of surgical interventions on the gastrointestinal tract and the anterior abdominal wall” (2004); “Surgery combined and multiple atherosclerotic occlusions of extracranial arteries and aorto-femoral segment” (2005); “Clinical phlebology” (2008); “Surgery” (textbook, 2010); “Venous thrombosis” (2010).

He attituded to his work with great responsibility, trying to save life and health of each patient and worked for Ukraine’s prosperity. Rector believed in every student and sincerely rejoiced achievement and achievements of its graduates.

This year TSMU through wise and careful management Leonid Kovalchuk was recognized by the Ministry of Health of Ukraine as the best university among all medical schools in our country.

The death of Leonid Kovalchuk is an irreparable loss for Ternopil State Medical University named after I. Horbachevskiy. Only with time everyone who worked together with this extraordinary man, declare all the greatness Leonid Yakymovych figure and fully appreciate his contribution! Faculty and student team also expresses sincere condolences to the family at the loss of Kovalchuk as wise and loving husband, father, and grandfather!

Press service of the I.Ya.Horbachevsky Ternopil State Medical University.



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