Rajesh Jeewon


Dr. Rajesh Jeewon Ph.D. – Mauritius

Department of Health Sciences, Faculty of Science, Reduit,
University of Mauritius, Mauritius
e-mail: r.jeewon@uom.ac.mu,  rajeshjeewon@yahoo.com

I hold a first class BSc (Hons) with 2 gold medals, a PhD in phylogenetics of fungal microorganisms and 7 years postdoctoral experience and 3 years of tertiary teaching experience in well recognized universities and over 50 peered reviewed publications in ISSN journals (with Impact factor). I am well mversed in the field of microbial taxonomy, phylogenetics and systematics, fungal related diseases.
1 I am a molecular biologist and mycologist and have worked on diversity, identification, classification and molecular systematics (phylogenetics), morphological and molecular characterization and microbial ecology of fungi at The School of Biological Sciences, University of Hong Kong and produced high quality international publications in this area. In addition, I am an expert in molecular phylogenetics.
2 At present, I have over 50 peer reviewed publications in ISSN journals (excluding 4 book chapters) and I anticipate a few more by 2012. I have participated as an active member in advising and providing guidance in developing research ideas and projects.
3 In terms of research funding, I already have secured 8 grants (including two external) since 2004 and I am well versed in preparing and evaluating research proposals.
4 I have also already established a good network of collaboration with overseas scientists and I have attended a number of international conferences where I have presented research findings and acted as chairperson.
5 I participated in DNA barcoding activities and am a scientific contributor to the TOL (“Tree of Life” international project funded mainly by NSF, USA).
6 I am currently supervising BSc, MSc and PhD project students in health sciences.
Research statement
1 I have been leading molecular phylogeny research and successfully applied molecular tools coupled with classical taxonomy to determine phylogenetic relationships among different groups of fungi, including pathogenic and saprobic ones.
2 I have also used multigene phylogenetic analyses and resolution of environmental phylotypes for fungi. In particular I have addressed key questions pertaining to the evolution of morphological characters across microorganisms and have produced some key papers in evolution of asexual fungi during my PhD.
3 I have successfully used DNA fingerprinting techniques (e.g. DGGE) to analyse microbial communities.
Employment History
2009- present: Lecturer, Dept Health Sciences, University of Mauritius
Duties: Supervise research students
             Teach microbiology, pathology and related courses
2003-Aug 2008: Post Doctoral Research Fellow & Honorary Assistant Professor. University of Hong Kong (HKU).
   Use of DNA sequences to identify fungi and assess diversity
   Supervise and train research students and in charge of the molecular laboratory
   Focus on my own research on multigene phylogenetics of asexual fungi
   Write research grants and submit progress reports
   Publish articles in scientific journals
   Design projects and review papers for journals
   Teach microbiology and related courses
   (I did more or less doing the job of an Assistant Professor)
2002-2003: Post Doctoral Research Associate (University of Portsmouth, UK)
   Use of DNA fingerprinting techniques to target bacteria
Dec 2002*: PhD (University of Hong Kong) [* Submitted approved thesis in Dec 2001] Thesis Title: Pestalotiopsis Taxonomy: Molecular Phylogenetics, Species nomenclature and Teleomorph relationships (Supervisors: Dr KD Hyde & Dr ECY Liew)
June 1998: BSc (Hons) Biology with 1st class (University of Mauritius) Dissertation Title: Impact of cage design on water exchange and growth parameters of an Oreochromis hybrid (Grade “A”: Supervisor: Dr M Bhikajee).
Nov 1992 & Nov 1994: GCE “O” and “A” levels (Affiliated with University of Cambridge)
Academic awards
MSIRI Paul Octave Wiehe Gold Medal (University of Mauritius, 1998)
Compagnie Agricole de Labourdonnais Gold Medal (University of Mauritius, 1998)
Postgraduate scholarship (University of Hong Kong, 1999)
Wang Gungwu scholarship (University of Hong Kong, 1999)
Dean’s honors List (University of Hong Kong, 2001)
HKU awarded Research Fellowship (HKU, 2006-2008)
Recipient of Travel Awards (USA) to attend DNA BARCODE meetings
Research Grant Awards 2004-2007
I have secured 8 grants from HKU and NSF China from 2004-2007 and seven of them have been successfully completed.
1 Evolutionary relationships of loculoascomycetes (fungi) based on a multigene phylogenetic approach (Co-Investigator. Awarded June 2004).
2 Taxonomy & Phylogeny of Pestalotiopsis, Monochaetia & Seiridium: A genomic and proteomic approach (Co-Investigator. Awarded Feb 2004).
3 Diversity of fungal endophytes from Strophanthus divaricatus and a molecular approach towards the identification of nonsporulating endophytes (Principal Investigator. Awarded Oct 2004).
4 Diversity, molecular taxonomy of nematophagous fungi and characterisation of microbial enzymes associated with nematode infection (Co-Investigator. Awarded Jan 2005).
5 World monograph of Guignardia and its anamorph Phyllosticta (Co-Investigator. Awarded Feb 2006).
6 Molecular profiling and phylogenetic diversity of lichenised lithic cyanobacterial and fungal communities associated with limestone rocks (Principal Investigator. Awarded June 2006).
7 Fungi on Eucalyptus species in Hong Kong and Thailand. (Co-Investigator. Awarded Feb 2007).
8 Cloning and functional analysis on a temperature sensitive gene related with germination in Magnaporthe grisea (Co-Investigator. Awarded Jan 2007 by National Nature Science Foundation of China, No. 30670072. Ongoing)



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