Dr. Mohamed Wael Daboul


Dr. Mohamed Wael Daboul – SYRIAN ARAB REPUBLIC                           

D.D.S. MSc, MT (ASCP) Laboratory Medicine Specialist.
Daboul Medical Laboratory, Damascus, Syrian Arab Republic.
E-mail: idaboul@scs-net.org
Mohamed Wael Daboul: Urine Screening Test by Enzyme Catalase Activity. Damascus University Journal for Health Sciences. Vol. 23, No.2, 2007. 
Daboul MW: Is the Amastigote Form of Leishmania the Only Form Found in Humans Infected With Cutaneous Leishmaniasis? Labmedicine; 2008: 39: 38-41.

Mohamed Weal Tayseer Daboul. Cutaneous Leishmania in Damascus. East Mediterr Health j, Vol. 15, No. 5,2009.
Mohamed Wael Daboul: The Pathological Features of Cutaneous Leishmania. Damascus University Journal for Health Sciences. Vol. 25, No. 1, 2009.
Mohammed Wael Daboul: A Cytomorphologic Study of the Different Manifestations seen for the Amastigote form in Cutaneous Leishmania. JABHS; Vol. 10,No.2, 2009.
Mohammed Wael Daboul: A study of ALT elevation in association with Triglyceride, Cholesterol and Glucose elevation in  human serum. JABHS; Vol. 11, No.2,2010. 
Daboul MW: Neutrophils role in cutaneous  leishmania. East Mediterr Health j, 2010 Oct;16(10):1055-8



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