Amani Tresh


Dr Amani Tresh – Libya

Consultant Dermatologist
S. Lecturer Tripoli University, Tripoli, Libya
+218 (21) 462 7910
+218 (21) 462 7915

Member of the Libyan board of medical specialities
Member of the scientific committee leprosy eradication programme at Libyan national centre of disease control 2010-to date
Lecturer at medical facultay Tripoli university
Head of the scientific committee at Ber Usta milad Hospital 2010
Publications and professional experience
MSc. (Clinical Dermatology), The St John’s Institute of Dermatology at St Thomas’ Hospital- London
My project: Progress in epidermolysis bullosa. Dissertation includes new classification and treatment under Dr John McGrath supervision.
1. Tresh A, Morley S: Disseminated papular erythema annulare as a presenting feature of ulcerative colitis. The Intenet Journal of Dermatology. 2007; volume5, number 2.
2. Tresh A, Ziglam H: Treatment of skin and soft tissue infection in the era of antibiotic infection. European infection diseases 2007- issue II-Touch Briefings.
3. Tresh A, Smith VH, Parslew RA: Behçet's syndrome treated with infliximab, which caused a palmoplantar pustulosis, subsequently maintained on low-dose etanercept. Libyan J Med. 2012;7. doi: 10.3402/ljm.v7i0.19139. Epub 2012 Oct 11.
4. Zeglam H, Ahmed A, Tresh A: Multifocal Rosai-Dorfman disease with cutaneous involvement: a case press
5. Tresh A: Non melanoma skin cancer in Tripoli / Libya in press
1. Tresh A, Shafi M, Epidemiological study of pemphigus foliaceus in Libya- orally presented in 2nd annual meeting ofNorth Mediterranean physicians in Tripoli-Libya (1996)
2. Tresh A Amylodosis of skin oraly presented in national meeting
3. Tresh A, New Classification of epidermolysis bullosa. orally presented in annual meeting of Northwest dermatology meeting 2008.
4. Tresh A How well the management of skin cancer in Tripoli is followed ? orally presented in the 4th meeting of the libyan sociiaty of dermatology and venerology 2010.
1.Vaginal wart and the importance of cervical smear screening in progress to establish a new service for such high risk group.
2. 2 week rule appropriateness of skin cancer referral vs agreed referral criteria and pathological diagnosis by Dr S Foley, Dr A Tresh, Dr S Welsh and Dr A Franks. Regional north west audit Broadgreen Liver pool university hospital.
3. Research audit in collaboration at Ninewells hospital were we studied:
                   o Skin biopsy and:
                                                – The common complications
                                                – Documentation of procedure in the patient’s note.



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