Abdulghani Mohamad Alsamarai


Prof. Abdulghani Mohamad Alsamarai – Iraq

Professor of Dermatology, Infectious Diseases & Allergy.
Professor of Medical Education
Director of ATELCO Center in Iraq
Consultant in Innovative Health Profession Education
Dean, College of Applied Medical Sciences.
Multimedia Medical University Board Member
Chairman of Iraqi Scientific Forum.
Chairman of Iraqi Association for Education.
Chairman of Iraqi Medical Education Association.
Chairman of Iraqi Scientific Centre for Education & Training
Chairman of IORG-IRB Office Tikrit Ethical Committee for Human Research Protections (OHRP)
Co- Director, Joint Diploma of Health Professions Education [LIU-Suez Canal University], Iraq. (http://www.dhpescu.org/html/jdhpe.asp)
Editor-in-Chief, Annals of Iraqi Science & Middle East J Education.
Senior Scientist.
Member of Executive Committee of London Academic Centre
Associate Editor J Bacterial Research.
Editorial Board Member [J Clin Microbiology, Int J I Dis, Hepatitis Month, MEJ-IM, Ann Al-Quads Med, Sci Med J, Med F, Int J TLHE, I Micro, Open A J, Cell Tran Insight, OJMM]

Professor Abdulghani Mohamad Alsamarai completed his undergraduate studies at College of Medicine, Basrah University in 1977 and received his MGUM degree in Genitourinary Medicine [1988] and Ph D in Clinical Virology [1986] from Sheffield University, UK. He assumed a faculty position in College of Medicine, Basrah University in 1986. Now he completed 31 years working as consultant in Allergy, Dermatology, Infectious Diseases and Medical Education in Basrah and Tikrit Universities. At Universities [Basrah, Tikrit, Lahaye international] he has served as a Teaching Assistant, Lecturer, Assistant Professor and full Professor in 1994. He appointed as Dean of Tikrit University College of Medicine from 2000 to 2003, Chairman of Tikrit University Promotion Committee and a Dean of College of Applied Medical Sciences, Lahaye International University. In addition, he is acting as Director of Joint Diploma for Health Profession Education Programme and WHO senior consultant. Prof Alsamarai awarded grade A senior scientist because of his contribution in National Drug Formulation Programme and Community Health Promotion Research Programme.One of his responsibilities was to set up a postgraduate studies in Basrah University Medical College, acting as chairman of Examination Committee and Department of Microbiology, Basrah Medical College.In 1991 he join Tikrit University College of Medicine [TUCOM] as assistant professor and work to set up the Departments of Research in the university, and Medical Education Department, Curricula for Dermatology, Medicine, Surgery and Gynecology in TUCOM. Furthermore, once he joined TUCOM he is acting as chairman for Research Committee, Promotion Committee, and 6th year Learning Committee.Since 1977 his research focused on several issues including fungal, viral, bacterial, allergic and dermatologic diseases. Recently, he focuses on the role of oxidants / antioxidants, non invasive biomarkers of allergic diseases. He teaches several courses in undergraduate and postgraduate studies in Basrah Medical College and TUCOM. These courses include: Fungal diseases, Clinical Virology, Sexually Transmitted Diseases, Medical Education, Health Profession Education, Dermatology, Infectious Diseases, Allergic Diseases and Research Methods.He acts as Director of M Sc and Ph D in Medical Microbiology, High Diploma in Allergy and Immunological Diseases, and Joint Diploma in Health Profession Education with Suez Canal University, Faculty of Medicine.Professor Alsamarai has received a good contribution from National and International agencies to support his research on drug formulation, searching for new drugs, bioavailability of drugs, Plant products research, National Programme for Prevention and Control of Disease, and Community Health Promotion Research



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