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Linfoma B cutáneo primario difuso de células grandes, tipo pierna. Reporte de un caso [Diffuse primary B-cell lymphoma of large B-cell, leg-type. A case report] Beatriz Di Martino Ortiz, Rosalba Riveros, Lourdes Rodríguez, Silvia Aguilar, Mirtha Rodríguez, Oilda Knopfelmacher, Lourdes Bolla Dermatology Department, Clinicas Hospital, Faculty of Medical Sciences, National University of Ausunción-Paraguay Corresponding author: […]

Issue 2019.2

since 09. April 2019 C O N T E N T S   2.2019     The proportion of research articles supported by research funds 0% The proportion of articles written by editorial board members as corresponding authors 8,57% The number of authors’ countries 22 Original Articles 5 (14%) Brief Report 2 (6%) Case Reports 14 (40%)  […]


Torus palatinus. Report of two cases María Lorena Re Domínguez, Rosalba Riveros, Tatiana Moreno, Beatriz María Di Martino Ortiz, Mirtha Rodríguez Masi, Oilda Knopfelmacher, Lourdes Bolla de Lezcano Department of Dermatology, Clinicas Hospital, Faculty of Medical Sciences, National University of Asuncion, Paraguay Corresponding author: Prof. Dr. Beatriz María Di Martino Ortiz, E-mail: Submission: 10.10.2015 […]

Issue 2016.2

since 01. April 2016 C O N T E N T S   2.2016       ORIGINAL ARTICLES                                                                         […]




since 11.January 2014   C O N T E N T S   1.2014           ORIGINAL ARTICLES Hariharasubramony Ambika, C.Sujatha Vinod, Harikishan Yadalla, Raghunath Nithya, Anagha Ramesh Babu Topical corticosteroid abuse on the face: a prospective, study on outpatients of dermatology       Our Dermatol Online 2014; 5(1): 5-8          DOI: 10.7241/ourd.20141.01 [abstract-English] […]




since 02. January 2013   C O N T E N T S   1.2013         COMMENTS ON THE ARTICLES ORIGINAL ARTICLES Nagat Sobhy, Ali Atia, Mahmoud Elramly Some modifications in transplantation of autologus non -cultured melanocytes-keratinocytes suspension in treatment of segmental and focal vitiligo (Egyptian Experience in Alexandria University)       Our Dermatol […]

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Abdel Hay Rania Mounir 2011;2(3):113-117(comment) 2011;2(3):135-138(comment) 2012;3(2):128-13(comment) 2013;4(1):11-14 Abreu-Velez Ana Maria 2011;2(1):8-11 2011;2(2):48-51 2011;2(2):52-57 2011;2(3):104-107 2011;2(3):113-117, 2012;3(1):36-42 2011;2(4):175-180 2011;2(4):211-215 2012;3(3):196-201 2012;3(4):283-291 2013;4(1):64-71 2013;4(1):83-86 2013;4(1):91-94 Adaskevich Petrovitch Uladzimir 2013;4(1):130-143 Akhter Farzana 2011;2(4):185-188 2012;3(1):21-23 Al Aboud Ahmad 2012;3(1):55-56 2012;3(1):64-65 2012;3(2):128-130 2012;3(4):367-368 2013;4(1):105 2013;4(1):106-107 2013;4(1):108-109 2013;4(1):110-112 2013;4(1):113-116 2013;4(1):117-120 2013;4(1):128-129 Al Aboud Daifullah 2012;3(4):365-366 2012;3(4):369-371 2012;3(4):372-373 2012;3(4):382-383 2013;4(1):121-127 Al […]



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