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Dr. Manuel Valdebran

  Dr. Manuel Valdebran – DOMINICAN REPUBLIC                                           Now:  University of California, San Francisco. Dermatopathology Service     Prev. Ackerman Academy of Dermatopathology in New York. Instituto Dermatológico y Cirugía de Piel Dr. Huberto Bogaert […]


Molluscum contagiosum mimicking sebacious hyperplasia Bobak Hedayati1, Manuel Valdebran2, Amira Elbendary3, Ruzeng Xue4 1University of California Irvine, School of Medicine, Irvine, California, USA. 2Department of Dermatology, University of California Irvine, Irvine, California. USA. 3Department of Dermatology, Kasr Alainy Faculty of Medicine, Cairo University, Egypt. 4Department of Dermatology, Dermatology Hospital, Southern Medical University, Guangzhou, China Corresponding author: Bobak Hedayati, E-mail: […]

Issue 2020.2

since 02. April 2020 C O N T E N T S   2.2020     The proportion of research articles supported by research funds 0% The proportion of articles written by editorial board members as corresponding authors 16,21% The number of authors’ countries  20 Original Articles 3 (8%) Brief Report 1 (3%) Case Reports 14 […]


Desmoplastic trichilemoma of the scalp Manuel Valdebran1, Amira Elbendary12, Zachary Kolansky3, Ritu Sainai4, Elen Blochin1 1Ackerman Academy of Dermatopathology, New York, NY, USA, 2Dermatology Department, Kasr Alainy Faculty of Medicine, Cairo University, Egypt, 3Franklin & Marshall College, Lancaster, PA, USA, 4NY Medical Skin Solutions, New York, NY, USA Corresponding author: Elen Blochin, MD, PhD., E-mail: […]


Long-standing asymptomatic pretibial patch David Terrero1, Manuel Valdebran2, Ruzeng Xue3 1Research Department of the National Evangelical University, Santo Domingo, Dominican Republic, 2Ackerman Academy of Dermatopathology, New York, NY. USA, 3Guangdong Provincial Dermatology Hospital, Guangzhou, China Corresponding author: Ruzeng Xue, M.D., E-mail: Submission: 08.09.2015 , Acceptance: 26.11.2015 DOI: 10.7241/ourd.20162.63 Sir, A 41-year-old woman presented with […]


Polypoid melanoma: a rare clinical subtype frequently confused with benign entities Manuel Valdebran1, Karen N Wu2, Andrew Wu3, Jacqueline M Junkins-Hopkins1 1Ackerman Academy of Dermatopathology, New York, NY, USA, 2Pathology Specialists of New England, Catholic Medical Center, Manchester, NH, USA, 3Surgical Care Group, Catholic Medical Center, Manchester, NH, USA Corresponding author: Jaqueline M Junkins-Hopkins, M.D., […]

Issue 2016.2

since 01. April 2016 C O N T E N T S   2.2016       ORIGINAL ARTICLES                                                                         […]

Issue 2016.1

since 07. January 2016 C O N T E N T S   1.2016       ORIGINAL ARTICLES                                                                         […]


Plaque with pearly raised borders on the forearm Ruzeng Xue1, Manuel Valdebran2, David Terrero3, Bin Yang1 1Department of Dermatology, Guangdong Provincial Dermatology Hospital, Guangzhou, China, 2Ackerman Academy of Dermatopathology, New York, NY. USA[3] Research Department of the National Evangelical University Santo Domingo, Santo Domingo, Dominican Republic Corresponding author: Bin Yang, M.D., E-mail: Submission: 31.08.2015; Acceptance: 18.11.2015 DOI: 10.7241/ourd.20161.27 A 29-year-old male presented […]

Issue 2015.4

since 28. September 2015 C O N T E N T S   4.2015       ORIGINAL ARTICLES                                                                         […]



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